Jim Nantz Teams Up with River Gorge Ranch and Calls Tennessee Home
Newly released video showcases partnership, mountaintop community
Jim Nantz, three-time Emmy Award winner and five-time National Sportscaster of the Year, has endorsed River Gorge Ranch, Thunder Enterprises' latest mountaintop residential development. Nantz is known for his nearly four-decade-long career calling NFL, PGA Tour and NCAA sporting events as a sports commentator for CBS. A masterful storyteller, Nantz has been the voice behind some of America's biggest sporting events and is set to call the Super Bowl and Masters in 2024.
After moving to Tennessee three years ago, Nantz is doubling down on the Volunteer State. He enthusiastically signed on to be an ambassador for River Gorge Ranch after being introduced to developer John “Thunder” Thornton. A highly sought after personality, Nantz has been very particular in what he is willing to endorse, and Thunder Thornton’s development aligns with that criteria.
“Tennessee has become a wonderful home for my family, and River Gorge Ranch will serve as a peaceful and luxurious escape from our busy lifestyle,” said Nantz. “It feels close to heaven.”
John "Thunder" Thornton and Jim Nantz
In a newly released video, Nantz and Thunder tour the vistas of River Gorge Ranch, which is located atop Aetna Mountain and overlooks the Tennessee River Gorge. Nantz reflects on the property and takes in the views, saying that even as a storyteller, there are almost no words to describe the land.
“It’s that good. What I’m seeing here is glorious,” said Nantz in the video. “And to think that this is part of my life, for my children, for my family’s future. It’s a giant day in my life.”
The community allows residents seclusion without isolation, and plans include a restaurant, twice the size of Top of the Rock, as well as trails and sidewalks for hiking and biking. There will also be a town village area around the restaurant, which will be open to the general public, with plans for a health spa, cabins and retail.
“The excitement and anticipation for our River Gorge Ranch community has exceeded our expectations. This will be a first-class mountaintop community, and we can’t think of a better way to illustrate first class than to be endorsed by Mr. Nantz,” said Dane Bradshaw, president of Thunder Enterprises.
Exploring the mountain - a still image from the video above
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